what are mountain climbers exercise

What are mountain climbers exercise? When mountain climbers are mentioned it is quite easy to just think that it has to do with climbing mountains not knowing that it is an exercise that can be very much done on  the ground.  Mountain climber is a bodyweight exercise that is carried out by putting your hands in a push-up position with your weight resting on your hands and toes.

It is one of the most misunderstood and underutilized exercises in the world as people tend to think that it is just a normal exercise not knowing that mountain climbers work more than just sweating and breathing heavily. Mountain climbers will strengthen your core, burn fats, enhance mobility and increase your balance (just to mention a few).

Many times when people think about bodyweight exercise they often consider mountain climbers as an afterthought and tend to delve into exercise that involves sophisticated equipment like dumbbells. It is true that these exercises out there with sophisticated equipment will do great work when it comes to your physique and your total body wellness.

But the idea behind the mountain climbers is that from a plank position with your weight distributed evenly between your hands and toes you run against the floor like you are climbing a mountain for real. This is performed by taking a plank position, that is, a push-up position, and then gradually brings your knee to your chest, return it to the starting point, do the same with the other knee and alternate speeding up each time.

So if you are the type that is scared of heights, then you don’t have to worry as this exercise can be done without a mountain in sight. It has worked wonders and still works wonders as there are a lot of benefits in it, it is just like getting a total body workout in just one exercise. This article is dedicated mainly to reveal to you what mountain climbers work. Follow me! As we look into what mountain climbers will work.


  • It Will Increase Your Core Strength
What Are Mountain Climbers Exercise

Mountain climbers is an awesome core strengthening bodyweight exercise as the push-up or plank position you take throughout the period of this exercise increases your core strength far better than what sit-ups could ever do. And besides this plank position you take, the movement of your legs will activate the various core stabilizer muscles in the abdomen and the lower back which in turn enable your body to raise its core strength and gives you stability.

  • Burn Fats

If you are looking for how to lose weight or burn the fats in your body then you will find this bodyweight exercise helpful. Due to the way mountain climbers exercise is carried out they burn off a lot of fats as they are physically demanding. We are all aware that losing weight in cardio form is kind of stressful and it demands repetition but mountain climbers will easily burn fats for you without you going too much stress to do so.

  • Improves Your Heart  Health

Oftentimes when thinking of cardiovascular exercises people tend to think of swimming, cycling, sprinting and so on, and not mentioning any body weight exercise. But in general, it improves cardiovascular health and body fitness. Mountain climbers exercise are excellent for improving and strengthening the heart reducing risk of diseases, boosting blood circulation and the transportation of oxygen throughout the body. 

  • It Will Increase Your Balance and Enhance Your Mobility

When performing this exercise, it will require you to balance your weight on one leg at a time while you push the knee of the other leg toward the chest, by doing this it awakens your muscles and gives strength to your core stabilizer which in turn gives you great balance.  That is not all, as it will not only increase your balance but also enhance your mobility because of its effectiveness when it comes to awakening muscles causing them to function and opening of joints.

  • Lower Body Strengthener

Mountain climbers are perfect for strengthening your lower body asides the development of the muscles in your lower body and in your legs. One of the marks of a mountain climber is developed muscles in the legs which brings many benefits outside in the real world and this makes them want to grow bigger, stronger and better than they were previously.

  • Improves Body Flexibility

The improvement in your flexibility is possible due to the mechanics involved in the exercise itself as it involves a continuous movement of your legs forward (toward the chest) and backward (to the formal position). This process does not just grease your joints; it also stretches and lengthens the fiber of your muscles thereby increasing the elasticity of your muscles.

You might probably be wondering how this flexibility can be of help for me. One thing is that it will reduce pain to the minimal and make you more comfortable when doing certain things that will stretch you.

  • Prevents Injury

You might be surprised and be wondering how it is possible to prevent injury. Don’t worry I will show you. When performing this exercise it increases the flexibility of your muscles by increasing their fiber, so when done as a warm up on a daily basis, these tissues would become elongated and loose thereby preventing torn or muscle pull.

  • It Will Work Great Six-Packs Abs

If all you want is an awesome and perfect physique, then having a six-packs abs can’t be missing. Getting a six-pack abs is very difficult and different from popular opinion as it requires more than just doing sit-ups. Mountain climber is ideal for people looking for abs as it will strengthen their core, focus on your abdominal and core stabilizer muscles.


There are lots of things that mountain climbers exercise that can work, contained in this article are just a few of them. So when next you are working out try it out as you would know by now that mountain climber is a compound exercise in which you can do a whole body workout in one exercise. I hope that you find these benefits useful and informative.

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