Walker’s Razor Slim Low Profile Electronic Earmuffs

I like to think that I’m getting smarter as I get older. During an action-packed deer drive, I had a realization—after the smoke cleared and my ears stopped ringing—that I didn’t need to damage my hearing every time I went on a successful hunt. After that day, I wore ear muffs whenever I hunted with a gun. From deer to upland hunts, I rocked my Walker’s Razor Slim Low Profile Electronic Earmuffs every time I pulled the trigger. 

Walker's Razor Slim Low Profile Electronic Earmuffs
Walker’s Razor Slim Low Profile Electronic Earmuffs

I didn’t buy these ear pro specifically for hunting, they’re just what I had, but they ended up being a great choice. The reason why I still prefer them for hunting is the omnidirectional microphones. Most electronic hearing protection will allow you to hear just as well as you do with your naked ears, but you lose the ability to pinpoint a sound’s directions. You gain some of that ability back with the omnidirectional mics on the Razor Quads. It’s still not naked ear precision, but you can at least determine the general direction the sound came from.

The Razor Quads benefit greatly from aftermarket gel cups because without them, you can’t wear the ear pro for much longer than an hour without a headache. 

Walker's Razor Slim Low Profile Electronic Earmuffs
Walker’s Razor Slim Low Profile Electronic Earmuffs


  • Decibel Reduction: 23dB
  • Premium-quality stylish electronic hearing
  • Full dynamic range HD speakers
  • Two AAA batteries
  • Four hi-gain omnidirectional microphones
  • Features a comfortable headband
  • Easy storage and transportation

The Walker Razor Quad ear muffs have four microphones, which helps hunters retain the ability to know which direction a sound is coming from. 

Walker's Razor Slim Low Profile Electronic Earmuffs
Walker’s Razor Slim Low Profile Electronic Earmuffs


  • Comfortable design
  • Slimline form factor
  • User-friendly operation
  • Quick-reaction automatic noise suppression
  • Built-in volume dial
  • 23dB noise reduction rating


  • Not the most comfortable


Question: Would you recommend these for hunting? Do they amplify nose?
Answer: They seem tuned primarily to amplify mid-range dialogue/voices. They won’t amplify the entire frequency range, so for most sounds you can hear better with your bare ear. These are perfect for activities like splitting wood. For hunting they’re fine. But, if you’re doing a lot of shooting at a range, 23dbs of attenuation is barely adequate. You’ll want to use them in combination with earplugs for longer shooting sessions, just like many auto-factory workers do.

Question: do they reduce noise if batteries are dead?
Answer: Yes, these have an NRR of 23 dB so you would have, in theory, 23 dB of Noise Reduction if the Batteries were “Dead” or if the Volume was turned “Off”. Keep in mind, OSHA applies a derating factor (you have to subtract 7 and divide by 2) so (23-7)/2 = 8 dB derating, thus your true Noise Reduction would be 23-8 = 15 dB (according to OSHA which takes into account real-life issues like, hair, glasses, not a perfect fit, which all would diminish the true effectiveness. So if you are shooting a handgun with a 140 dB level, the perceived sound level with these muffs would be 140-15 = 125 dB.

Question: Any static?
Answer: Some. More particularly if one side touches the other, but you wouldn’t be wearing them when this happens. Mild static when the volume is maxed but not every time. My guess is this has something to do with atmospheric conditions. It is not constant and doesn’t detract from the effectiveness of these muffs.

Question: Would these work well for mowing. Trying to find a really good pair so i can listen to music during mowing
Answer: They don’t block any sounds, they simply take any sound that is around you and compress it to a decibel level that you control with the volume control. They work really well with controlling sudden burst of sound such as a gun shot.

Question: The specs say – sound amplification yes – does anyone know what the amplification is? some competitors say 3x or 5x.
Answer: I purchased both the Walker Razor Slim Electronic Muff and the AXIL TRACKR Electronic Muff for comparison purposes. I haven’t found any spec on the Walker’s but the AXIL TRACKR’s have 8X Amplification which is noticeably greater than the Walker’s. I would estimate the Walker’s to have around 4X or 5X Amplification. The Walker’s stay true throughout the Volume control range whereas the AXIL TRACKR’s start producing weird artifacts as you increase the Volume. Hands-down, the Walker’s produce better Sound Quality.

Question: Does this come with the flag patch?
Answer: Indeed it does come with a flag patch.

Question: Where are the batteries located and how are they change?
Answer: They aren’t change, they are batteries lo

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