Vont 4 Pack LED Hurricane Camping Lantern

These Vont 4 Pack LED Hurricane Lantern collapsible lanterns are perfect for a variety of situations, are very cheap, and come in packs of 2 or 4. The lower price does sacrifice in both battery life and brightness though, as they only last for around 12 hours at 100 lumens; however, that’s still ample time for a couple of nights (assuming you don’t leave them running while you sleep). These lanterns are great to keep in case of emergencies because they can be used to light up multiple rooms or distributed, so everyone has their own.

The LED bulbs collapse into the lantern, saving space and also acting as the on/off switch. If all you need is a light and don’t want to spend too much, the Vont collapsible lanterns are perfect for you.

Vont 4 Pack LED Hurricane
Vont 4 Pack LED Hurricane

The lantern’s collapsible body and it’s light weight means that carrying it doesn’t get any easier because it can fit right in your backpack. But just because it’s light doesn’t mean it compromises durability. This lantern is taken care of by it’s military grade plastic.

Vont 4 Pack LED Hurricane Features:

30 low-powered LED bulbs
Longer lifespan.
360° of luminous light.
Collapsible – perfect for traveling.
Includes 12 AA batteries.
Weather – resistant.
Battery – efficient.
Military – grade materials

Vont 4 Pack LED Hurricane
Vont 4 Pack LED Hurricane

The Vont LED Lantern may lack the fancy frills other lanterns have and you’ll need you to carry additional AA batteries but considering it’s rootin’ tootin’ low cost, it’s a versatile and best camping lantern.


Bright & lasting.
Compact & lightweight.
Waterproof .
Original patented version.
Lifetime warranty.


The springs to hold the batteries in place are weak.

Vont 4 Pack LED Hurricane
Vont 4 Pack LED Hurricane

Question & Answer:

Question: Does it come with batteries?

Answer: Yes. I bought this in May, 2019. It came with 6 batteries.

Question: Are these product made in China?

Answer: Apparently so. I ordered mine Jan 2, 2017 and they are shipping from China. Estimated delivery Jan 23 – Feb 13. Doesn’t quite fit with Primes 2 day shipping “guarantee”! Update: Received on Jan. 17. Works as advertised. I’m satisfied.

Question: is there a on off switch

Answer: No, there’s no switch on the lanterns. You simply need to pull the top up to turn the lights on and push it back down to turn the lights off.

Answer: No, the base of the lantern is not magnetic.

Question: how do you turn it off?

Answer: When you pull it up by the handles and it turns on. Push it back down and it goes off. Very compact
Question: One of the technical details ask if batteries are required..it says no…i know it uses batteries and that question is wrong> Am i wrong?

Answer: Yes it uses 3 AA batteries. And it doesn’t come with batteries. But, still a great product good for camping, power outages ect…

Question: I’m assuming not, but are these dimmable?

Answer: Although they are not dimmable, you can slide the lamp up and down to uncover the amount of light you need.

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