This national park has an abundance of breathtaking hiking. Determine the treks you want to undertake and plan your Grand Teton schedule around them. To assist you in planning your itinerary, we have compiled a complete list of the most spectacular Grand Teton treks. The best hike in Grand Teton is the greatest way to enjoy Grand Teton National Park.

Best Hike In Grand Teton

In truth, the finest views of the Tetons are not in the Tetons themselves but instead surrounding them. As you go throughout the park, you can see the mountains, alpine lakes, meadows, and abundant animals.

Several walks around the national park include pathways for hikers of all skill levels. Popular treks often fill up quickly, so prepare ahead of time. Keep in mind that off-the-beaten-path outings may need additional preparation or backcountry permits. Determine the expeditions you want to undertake and plan your Grand Teton schedule around them.

What to Bring to Camp on the best hike in Grand Teton

Bear Spray

If you visit in the summer, you should bring bear spray. You should bring this with you when you go hiking on the trails. Even in the winter, we usually carried it around because it gave me peace of mind. Also, this is used to scare bears away, not to kill bugs. And do not spray it indoors.

Hiking poles

These will be helpful on longer, more challenging hikes. They will help your knees when you’re going downhill and give you something to lean on when you’re going uphill.


These are essential for longer walks, but you never know when you’ll feel hungry! EPIC bars are similar to beef jerky but not the same. Sahale nut mix things and Moon Cheese are among my favorites. There are usually Clif Bars and trail mix on hand.

Water bottle

It will be hot and humid, so drink plenty of water. A Hydro Flask can keep your water ice cold throughout the day.


You’ll need a hat to keep the sun out of your eyes. A baseball hat should suffice, although a bucket hat or sun hat may be beneficial in keeping the sun off your neck.

The Best Hike In Grand Teton: Sunglasses

This is essential, particularly under the hot desert heat. On really bright days, you should wear sunglasses with a hat.

Lightweight Jacket

Because you never know what may happen. The weather varies swiftly depending on where you go, and it can turn chilly at night.

Grand Teton National Park’s Must-Hike Trails

The Tetons are a beautiful mountain range that appears out of nowhere. When you see them for the first time, it’s hard not to be amazed. People know the mountains for their beautiful sunrises, which light up the whole range.

The park has 235 miles of hiking trails, so people of all skill levels can see these jagged mountain peaks. Here are some of Grand Teton National Park’s best hikes!

Best Hike In Grand Teton

Hermitage Point Loop

The Hermitage Point Loop is an easy-to-find trail through the forest along Jackson Lake, and it starts at the edge of Colter Bay Village. There is a lot of wildlife in the area. You can often see eagles, bears, and moose along this route. Be aware of bears and moose wherever you go in this park, and carry a can of bear spray.

Some people might find this whole the best hike in Grand Teton to be a bit long, but there are several places where the loop meets itself, making it easy to turn around by making several smaller loop hikes. Those who want to cut this hike short will still be able to see some beautiful sights.

The best thing about this trail is the view from Hermitage Point, which is way out in the middle of the loop. Those who go on the hike will have a great view of Mount Moran and the remains of the Teton Range, which rises high above Jackson Lake.

Taggart Lake

Taggart Lake is a quick and delicious journey that the entire family may enjoy, with spectacular views of the best hike in Grand Teton.

This easy-to-moderate trek begins at the appropriately named Taggart Lake parking lot and proceeds into the woods on a large gravel road. After approximately 1.1 miles of walking, you’ll come to the Bradley Lake Trail intersection, which is a fantastic side excursion if you have the time.

Otherwise, you may continue on your present course until you reach Taggart Lake. You can see the prominent crest of the Tetons in the distance from here and relax for a brief lunch before returning to Teton Village.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling incredibly daring, you may cool yourself in the lake during the warmer months. But be warned: the water is freezing!

Cascade Canyon Hiking Trail

Cascade Canyon is situated just beyond Inspiration Point and is easily accessible. It is one of the most beautiful canyons in the best hike in Grand Teton National Park. You’ll be surrounded by the tall peaks of the Teton range as you walk along it.

This is a fantastic trek since it takes you through Jenny Lake, Hidden Falls, and Inspiration Point on your way to Cascade Canyon. A genuinely amazing walk to experience some of Grand Teton National Park’s most incredible scenery.

Because the path is mostly the same the whole way, you don’t have to trek to the end (Forks of Cascade Canyon) if you wish to reduce this trip. You may trek in for a few kilometers and then return to catch the Jenny Lake Boat Shuttle.

Hike In Grand Teton

Paintbrush Canyon Trail

The journey to Paintbrush Canyon is usually a hiker favorite in the Cascade Canyon area.

This epic trek begins with a meander into the forest, beginning at the Leigh Lake Trailhead on the banks of String Lake. The path rises progressively uphill into the mouth of Paintbrush Canyon after a few miles of undulating terrain.

After crossing Paintbrush Canyon Creek, you’ll arrive at the lovely Holly Lake. Take a breather here before continuing to the summit of Paintbrush Divide. Panorama views of the Tetons, the Gros Ventre Range, and neighboring Jackson Lake await you at the summit of Paintbrush Divide.

Beyond the divide, you’ll start your descent to Lake Solitude. You’ll continue your circle into Cascade Canyon from here, where the 360-degree vistas continue. If you prefer a shorter journey, you may always return after crossing Paintbrush Divide, which is a worthwhile destination in its own right.

Death Canyon To Patrol Cabin Hike

After admiring the vista from Phelps Lake Overlook, we strongly advise you to continue on the trail into Death Canyon rather than return to your vehicle. Oh, and don’t be afraid of the darkness! Death Canyon is a beautiful trek that is less popular. Therefore the path is less packed with people.

After leaving Phelps Lake Overlook, you’ll descend into Death Canyon, passing through wildflowers, trees, and bushes before reaching the canyon bottom. You’ll follow a river until you reach the opposite side of the canyon and begin your climb to Patrol Cabin. You’ll weave your way up the canyon, rewarded with spectacular vistas of Death Canyon and Phelps Lake.

Death Canyon was one of our favorite treks and the best Grand Teton hike. It’s peaceful, and you’ll have a good chance of spotting animals though we didn’t see any, and gorgeous vistas along the route.

Jenny Lake Loop

Jenny Lake Loop is a well-maintained and heavily-trafficked path that gives spectacular vistas and access to several other popular routes in Grand Teton National Park.

This is an excellent trek for all sorts of explorers. It is readily accessible and walkable. It is one of the greatest pathways in the park for families with children. This path is lovely for the whole family due to the regular lake access, breathtaking scenery, and never-far-away facility comforts.

The Jenny Lake Lodge, Ranger Station, Boat Shuttle, and the breathtaking Hidden Falls and Jenny Lake Overlook viewpoint are on the path. Brave explorers may use this track to reach further day hikes and backpacking itineraries.

String Lake Trail

The String Lake Trail is the simplest and shortest trek on our list, making it one of the greatest day hikes in Grand Teton. This track is ideal for a brief run or a warm-up stroll due to its little elevation and generally level terrain. String Lake is located towards the conclusion of the course and is ideal for swimming and kayaking.

Again, this is an excellent summer adventure, so pack your swimsuit and a towel. The String Lake Trailhead parking lot serves as the starting point for this trip. The park’s Moose population congregates near String Lake.

The String Lake Trail links to the Leigh Lake Trail, allowing you to go even farther. You may walk between the two lakes or rent a boat to get there.

Take in the tranquil settings as you stroll around the crystal-clear lakes studded with gorgeous wildflowers. Bring your camera for candid images of the moose and birds on this walk. It is the best hike in Grand Teton and is excellent for relaxing, birding, water activities, and picnics.

Phelps Lake Loop

Phelps Lake Loop, located near the southern end of Grand Teton National Area, circumnavigates its namesake lake and offers some of the most incredible mountain vistas in the park. The sensations available here are similar to those found in Jenny Lake, although considerably less crowded.

Phelps’ Beach, located near the lake’s northern edge, is a fantastic area to relax and have a picnic. There are spectacular vistas of the southern Tetons along this path, and the lake, less populated than the other low sections of the park, is a consistent source of animal observations.

The closeness of Phelps Lake to the Jackson Hole Airport adds to its allure. If you’re leaving the region and have a few hours to kill, this route is conveniently close to Teton Village and other local transport choices.

Granite Canyon

The Grand Teton National Park provides something for everyone. Granite Canyon is a beautiful walk for hikers who like mountain scenery. Take in the spectacular shifting countryside, which is covered with magnificent wildflowers.

During the winter, I recommend exploring Granite Canyon on snowshoes. The path is steep and tight. The trek will begin at the Granite Canyon Trailhead, which you may reach via Moose-Wilson Road.

Stick to the path’s northern branch to reach the beautiful Marion Lake. To get to Marion Lake, you’d have to do some rigorous climbing, but it’s well worth the effort.

You might also follow the southern branch, leading you to Rendezvous Mountain. After reaching the summit of Rendezvous Mountain, you may board a thrilling tram that will transport you to Teton Village.

Taking the tram from Teton Village to the summit of Rendezvous Mountain and then climbing down the Granite route, on the other hand, is just as magnificent.

Is a hiking guide required for the best hike in Grand Teton?

The best hike in Grand Teton in a new country with a guide is usually the best. Most guides in Grand Teton National Park are intimately knowledgeable about the area and will assist you in selecting paths suited to your fitness and experience level. They are also well-versed in the area’s perils and will do their utmost to keep you safe and pleased in the outdoors!

We want to hear from you!

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Which hike in Grand Teton National Park is the best?

The Colter Bay Lakeshore trail is the best easy hike, and the Paintbrush-Cascade Canyon Loop is the best challenging hike.

I want to go backpacking in Grand Teton National Park. Do I need a permit?

Yes, if you want to spend the night in the backcountry of a national park, you need a permit. You can get these online starting January 5 for your trip in 2022 or get walk-in access the day before your trip.

When is the most delicate time to go hiking in Grand Teton National Park?

The best weather is in July and August, but so are most people. September is a great time to go hiking, and early June is beautiful if you only want easy hikes because there is still snow on the mountain peaks.

How challenging are the treks in Grand Teton National Park?

Treks in Grand Teton range from accessible excursions suitable for children to challenging hikes requiring substantial climbing knowledge. Many Grand Teton treks for families are straightforward and may be completed in a single day.

Can I trek to the Grand Teton’s summit?

Hiking to the Grand Teton’s summit requires mountaineering skills and equipment. Most visitors spend a few days completing the walk, and overnight stays need a backcountry permit. The Grand Teton can only be hiked in one day by exceptional athletes.

What is the most straightforward walk in Grand Teton National Park?

Jenny Lake to Hidden Falls is the simplest trek in Grand Teton National Park. Because this trek is so simple and in such a popular location, the path and parking lot may get rather busy, so come early or delinquent in the day to avoid crowds.

Several fantastic days walks in Grand Teton National Park are similarly spartan and gorgeous but with fewer people.

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