Rhino Blinds R150 3 Person Hunting Ground Blind

Rhino Blinds and Bone Collector have come together to create the toughest and most innovative ground blind on the market today. The Rhino Blinds R150 3 Person Hunting Ground Blind edition can comfortably fit 2-3 hunters, and the durable 5-hub system allows for quick and easy set up. The 270 degree window system comes equipped with “silent-slide” tracks, allowing you to adjust your windows and shoot through mesh from both the top and bottom while remaining completely silent.

Rhino Blinds R150 3 Person Hunting Ground Blind
Midland 50 Channel Waterproof GMRS Two-Way Radio

An over-sized, zipper-less door allows you to climb in and out of the blind without a sound. Brush loops line the top and bottom of the blind giving you the option to add natural habitat if you’d like. Included with the blind are tie down stakes and ropes, as well as a backpack style carrying bag.

Rhino Blinds R150 3 Person Hunting Ground Blind
Midland 50 Channel Waterproof GMRS Two-Way Radio

Features and Speaces:

  • 66″ center height
  • Hub to hub 75″ x 75″
  • Floor space 58″ x 58″
  • Solid Construction with true 150 denier polyester – 150 denier thread in both the horizontal and vertical weave
  • Has windows on all 4 sides – so you wont miss any of the action
  • Comes with a factory warranty
  • Roughly 30″ from the ground to the bottom of the window.
Rhino Blinds R150 3 Person Hunting Ground Blind
Midland 50 Channel Waterproof GMRS Two-Way Radio


  • Very durable construction
  • Great camouflage on all the Rhino brand Ground Blinds


  • Some people have said that it can get tangled when trying to put it up.


Question: what will happen to the mesh screen when i shot through the mesh?
Answer: If you are near the back wall. It will put bullet or broadhead hole through it. If you are positioned where your rifle muzzle is close, then it will shred a portion of the screen from the shot blast.

Question: Are the windows shoot through?
Answer: Yes. They have both screens and covers, and both layers can be unhooked to completely open the window. I completely open the windows so I can take photos. It works very well.

Question: How well would this keep bugs/mosquitoes out?
Answer: It has good netting/velcro openings on each side. You can actually slip just the barrel out which you want to add tay as covered as possible anyway. My first time using one ( female turkey hunter). I love the room and enclosure. For the south, we need it.

Question: Does the door open big enough for my wheelchair to get in?
Answer: It’s a semi round flap that folds down at the bottom. You step over. It may not be hard to modify using velcro. Contact manufacturer. Not sure on the 26″ size opening because of shape but they could tell you that also. Been a great blind so far. Good luck.

Question: Are they zipped windows
Answer: Windows are Velcro.

Question: Has anyone shot through the window mesh with mechanical broad heads, and if so what was you experience.
Answer: Don’t shot through the mesh!!

Question: What is the difference between r150 and the r600
Answer: The R600 is bigger and twice as thick as the R150.

Question: Can you open the window by pulling the top down or the bottom up?
Answer: These blinds can be opened from the top down as well as the bottom up. Thank you for asking.

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