Outdoorsman Lab Sleeping Pad for Camping

This patented camping mattress leverages a combination of convenience and comfort to become a mainstay on the mountain or trail. We are collect the best Outdoorsman Lab Sleeping Pad for Camping for travel lovers. It breaks down to the approximate size of a water bottle for easy carrying and inflates to a relatively cushy 2.2 inches. The exclusive design brings plenty of benefits as well.

It’s quick to inflate with a user-friendly valve that gets the job done in just 10-15 breaths. Plus, the patented design lends itself to optimal support and temperature regulation. Durability is another feature every outdoorsman should concentrate on when selecting gear. The Outdoorsman Lab Ultralight Sleeping Pad scores high here as well, with abrasion-resistant Nylon construction that repels moisture and holds up trip after trip.

Outdoorsman Lab Sleeping Pad for Camping
Outdoorsman Lab Sleeping Pad for Camping

The Outdoorsman Lab Ultralight delivers a comfortable night’s sleep without weighing you down. It feels softer and packs down smaller than the Therm-a-Rest Z-lite Sol and the Exped Hypersleep Winter, making it a great level up from a foam pad and a good option for summertime backpacking trips.

Outdoorsman Lab Sleeping Pad for Camping Features:

Easy to inflate and deflate.
Lightweight and compact.
Durable, water resistant.
Air spring cells add to the comfort.
Rip-stop polyester under-layer.
Dual-fibre insulation.
The pad packs well due to its tapered mummy shape.

Outdoorsman Lab Sleeping Pad for Camping
Outdoorsman Lab Sleeping Pad for Camping Best Product

The Ultralight includes a repair kit. This pad withstood rocks, sticks, and one curious house cat with no punctures, but that doesn’t mean leaks won’t happen. Carrying a few extra ounces of repair supplies is worth it if you’re out on an extended trip. Since this pad isn’t insulated, water vapor from your breath shouldn’t be an issue when it comes to the longevity of this pad. Outdoorsman Lab covers this pad with a lifetime warranty.


R-value 2.2 rated for cold weather.
Light 14.5 ounces.
Rolls up to the size of a water bottle – 8 x 3 x 3 inches.
The lightweight nature of this sleeping pad is fantastic – and so is the price.
Great 3-season pad.


No built-in pillow; must purchase separately

Outdoorsman Lab Sleeping Pad for Camping
Outdoorsman Lab Sleeping Pad for Camping Simple pack

Question & Answer:

Question: How small exactly can you pack it up? I’m in the military, don’t have much room in my already packed full ruck

Answer: This packs small. Just like what is on the picture.

Question: How good is it for insulation? Say for a hammock?

Answer: I was just on the Appalachian trail in PA a few weeks ago overnight in 30° and it snowed about 5″.

Question: does this work well with hammocks?

Answer: We use them in our hammocks.

Question: I would like to put the pad in my sleeping bag at night.

Answer: It should, I personally wouldn’t put any pad inside of a bag though you’ll loose a lot of energy/ heat to the pad instead of transferring straight to the bag.

Question: What is the weight limit for this sleeping pad? Looking for pad for my husband who is 6’4″ 250

Answer: I am 170. I would be surprised if there was an issue about a weight limit. This was so comfortable for me and easy to inflate, like advertised. Love it so far

Question: Is there any chemical smell?

Answer: no. I am not aware of any chemical smell nor did anyone ever mention/complaint about chemical smell.

Question: I have a hole in my pad, and the mattress came with a patch but nothing else to seal the patch. How can i fix this?

Answer: One side of that patch should have a peel off layer exposing an adhesive side.

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