Mossy Oak Men’s Hunting Shirt Camo Clothes

Mossy Oak Men’s Hunting Shirt is one of those brands every hunter has worn and will likely wear in the future. If it’s good enough for Uncle Leroy’s deer hunt, it’s good enough for me. Featuring a highly flexible blend of polyester and spandex, this camo-clad long sleeve hunting shirt for men will keep you comfortable in a multitude of hunting situations.

Mossy Oak Men's Hunting Shirt Camo Clothes
Mossy Oak Men’s Hunting Shirt

You’ll love how it keeps you cool during those warmer days as a standalone layer during turkey hunts.And when it comes time to layer underneath a jacket for cold weather situations, it’ll slide underneath the tag like a base-stealing leadoff man. Check one out today; they’re relatively cheap and come in various patterns — seven to be exact. And they even come in some cool vintage designs that Uncle Leroy thinks are pretty choice, brother.

Mossy Oak Men's Hunting Shirt Camo Clothes
Mossy Oak Men’s Hunting Shirt

Mossy Oak Men’s Hunting Shirt Features:

  • Fabric Is Extremely Breathable And Stretches
  • These Camo Shirts Are Made With A Fade Resistant
  • Functionality Ideal For Deer
  • Comfort These Performance Lightweight
  • Mossy Oak Camo Patterns
  • Confident in the quality and design
Mossy Oak Men's Hunting Shirt Camo
Mossy Oak Men’s Hunting Shirt


Stays cool when it gets hot.

 won’t bind up on you.

40+ UPF.


Mossy Oak reflectors on sleeve.


Question: Does it run small ? I wear 2xl . Should I get a 3xl?
Answer: It fits me kinda snug but that’s what I wanted. Bought the 3xl. For size reference I’m 6ft 8in and 367 pounds.

Question: Is this a dry fit type material or an under armor like material? Does it sit loose or is it skin tight is what im asking.
Answer: It’s a loose fit. Nothing like under armor garments. Very nice shirt.

Question: Is this cotton or silky
Answer: It’s Polyester, so more of the “silky” feel you are describing.

Question: How long are the shirts?
Answer: Crotch length.

Question: Why didnt that shirt have mossey oak. On the side of the shirt. Thats why i ordered it
Answer: The one I order does have it on the bottom left and on the arm it’s says something about fishing. I guess it depends on the color that changes the pattern of the logo.

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