Midland 50 Channel Waterproof GMRS Two-Way Radio

First up for the best long-range walkie-talkie, we’ve got the Midland 50 Channel Waterproof GMRS Two-Way Radio which comes in a pack of two or three, and in three different color options. These long-range walkie-talkies are seriously advanced. They have 50 channels along with a scan to check for activity, as well as a 36-mile range. The JIS4 Waterproof Protection prevents any splashing water from damaging the walkie-talkie, and the exterior is durable and sturdy.

Midland 50 Channel Waterproof GMRS Two-Way Radio
Midland 50 Channel Waterproof GMRS Two-Way Radio

In terms of communication, this Midland model is the best long-range walkie-talkie on the market. It’s equipped with eVOX with 9 sensitivity levels for an easy hands-free operation. It also has 142 privacy codes which give you a choice of 3,124 channels and clear, crisp sound.

Finally, these long-range walkie-talkies have an NOAA weather scan and alert to keep you safe and warn you of any severe incoming weather. It scans through 10 available channels and finds the strongest weather channel, sounding an alarm if there is any risk.

Midland 50 Channel Waterproof GMRS Two-Way Radio
Midland 50 Channel Waterproof GMRS Two-Way Radio

Midland 50 Channel Waterproof GMRS Features:

  • Impressive 36-mile range!
  • Brilliantly crisp & clear sound.
  • Water Resistance.
  • Emergency & NOAA Weather Alerts.
  • 5 Animal Call Alerts.
  • 285 Privacy Codes.
  • Silent Operation.
  • Xtreme Range.


  • Range: 36 miles.
  • Channels: 50.
  • Power: Dual.
  • Waterproof: Yes.
  • Weather Alerts: Yes.
  • Weight: 3.05lbs.
Midland 50 Channel Waterproof GMRS Two-Way Radio
Midland 50 Channel Waterproof GMRS Two-Way Radio

What’s in the Box?

  • Pair of Radios.
  • Belt Clips.
  • Rechargeable Battery Packs.
  • Desktop Charger.
  • AC Wall Adapter.
  • DC Adapter.
  • Pair of Boom Mic Headset.
Midland 50 Channel Waterproof GMRS Two-Way Radio
Midland 50 Channel Waterproof GMRS Two-Way Radio


  • JIS4 waterproof protection for splash resistance.
  • Longer range communication in open areas with little or no obstruction.
  • Easy voice and sound activation transmission (eVOX) with 9 sensitivity levels for hands-free operation.


  • Battery drains out fast.
Midland 50 Channel Waterproof GMRS Two-Way Radio
Midland 50 Channel Waterproof GMRS Two-Way Radio

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have been told I need a license to use the GMRS bands?
    This is technically an FRS radio. As of 2017 FRS transceivers can legally transmit up to 2 watts on shared GMRS/FRS channels (1-7 and 15-22). Channels 8-14 are limited to .5-watt transmit power as they are designated FRS-only. GMRS handhelds can legally transmit up to 5 watts on shared GMRS/FRS and GMRS repeater channels but still require a GMRS license. The current fee is $70 for a 10-year license, although the fee is expected to drop to $35 sometime next year. As these radios are limited to 2 watts with no repeater capability, they qualify as license-free FRS transceivers.
  • The listing says 50-channel but the description says 22 channels. Which is it?
    I 100% agree with James who has provided the best answer. It is a 22-channel radio. The “extra” channels are nothing more than the same FRS and GMRS channels “hard-coded” into the radio with various security codes. However, I find that other channel useful, you can pick any and not to worry about punching in security code since it is already preconfigured – in other words, makes it even simpler to use.
  • If I purchase 2 sets, can all 4 radios communicate with each other?
    Yes. all the “channels” are set by FCC… the “PL codes” can vary by manufacture… (If I remember correctly if the PL code is set, they won’t talk with a Motorola)…. Note: Only “prob” with these guys seems to be the volume knob (don’t drop it on the knob :)… No parts are available, you just have to toss it.
  • Have the rechargeable battery packs been improved since the bad reviews about them were posted?
    The only negative i can say about the batteries is that they contact long. I personally have rechargeable batteries that i use instead of the battery pack and it works better and always gives me the backup power when I need it.
  • How many feet can be between you and them?
    This really depends on obstacles between the two receivers. The stated range on the box takes into account open water. You will probably get 1-2 miles if there are a lot of obstacles. We were able to reach our campsite 5 miles away when we were camping in Lake Tahoe. The lake was between the beach and where we camped.
  • What does the SOS mode on these do?
    It is supposed to sound off like an alarm but it is very quiet. I have had these for a year and that SOS button is pointless on this set.
  • What is the kind of power supply for the micro mobile?
    The MicroMobile comes with a 12-Volt Accessory Plug or it can be hard wired directly into a vehicle.
  • Are these compatible with my gxt 1000p radios?
    Yes, all GMRS and FRS radios are compatible with each other. Just switch to the same channel.
  • How long do the batteries hold a charge for? Does it have a “hands-free” feature?
    Yes, they do have a hands-free VOX function. As far as battery life, I’ve used them for 4 hours straight, and was still going strong. Hope this helps.
  • Will they accept regular batteries?
    Yes, they take 4 AA’s but come with two rechargeable battery packs (one per radio).
  • Will this work with a FRS radio?
    Yes, this is a GMRS/FRS radio and will work with other GMRS/FRS radios as long as they are all on the same channel.
  • Are these compatible with midland lxt600pa radios?
    Yes, you just need to be on the same channel.

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