Membrane Solutions Personal Water Filters

The water filtration system is our core research and development technology. We collect the best Membrane Solutions Personal Water Filters. Our company is committed to producing first-class membrane materials and membrane products, serving the environmental protection fields such as drinking water

The simple, mini and lightweight filtering straws are ideal for recreation, hiking, camping, travel, and emergencies they are also suitable for drinking fresh water quickly in the field, hunting, fishing, and in disaster kits they do not need batteries and will not expire like water purification tablets. It weighs just 2 ounces and filters up to 1,500 liters(396 gallons) of drinking water, so you can take it anywhere and drink clean water at any time. Our hot sale colors are camo, blue, and orange. Straw Filtration – Our 4-stage filtration system includes coarse filters for salt.

Membrane Solutions Personal Water Filters Features:

Survival Gear for Outdoor Water Needs.

Portable & Long Life-Span.

4-Stage Filtration.

Smaller Pore Size.   

High-Quality Materials.

Water quality on-line monitoring system.

Membrane Solutions Personal Water Filters
Membrane Solutions Personal Water Filters


2 ounces lightweight filter that makes it easy to carry while travelling.

Comes with a 0.1 microns pore size that prevents all kinds of contamination.

Features a smaller frame size that allows to use it conveniently.


Slow filtering process.

Membrane Solutions Personal Water Filters
Membrane Solutions Personal Water Filters

Question & Answers:

Q: Is it possible that it can remove heavy metals?

A: The answer on micron size has nothing to do with the lead being stuck to particles.

Q: Is this item going to be expired soon?

A: If used, there is a one year warranty, but it does not apply after opening. It has a limited life span according to how much water it is used to filter, how it is maintained after opening, and how long it has been open.

Q: Can anyone tell me the manufacture date on the package?

A: I can’t find it yet, but it can sit indefinitely.

Q: Will it work with a standard disposable water bottle?

A: Not sure, it was purchased as part of a “survival kit” for the family in case of natural catastrophes.

Q: Is it possible to purify pool water for drinking in Texas?

A: You can purify nature water in any place, such as lake, stream, rain, snow and so on.

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