These outdoor Christmas decorating ideas make your home’s outside as festive as the inside. Beautiful foliage, dazzling light displays, and other outdoor Christmas decorations that bring seasonal happiness to your doorway will inspire you. This article will be the perfect step-by-step guide on How to select the best Christmas decoration products for outdoors.

How to select the best Christmas decoration products for outdoors

Nothing brightens up a dreary winter evening like a festively adorned house. Whether you prefer a more understated approach to winter décor or want to be the most eye-catching home on the block, we’ve gathered a broad range of outdoor-friendly things that are guaranteed to meet your requirements. There’s something here for every Christmas décor taste, from string lights to imitation topiaries to statuettes and inflatables. Use the ideas below for cheery inspiration to transform your grounds, patio, or balcony into a beautiful winter paradise. You may create a new Christmas tradition that you will love for years.

How to select the best Christmas decoration products for outdoors

Outdoor Lights

How to select the best Christmas decoration products for outdoors
How to select the best Christmas decoration products for outdoors

If you’ve ever attempted to untangle a tangle of string lights, you understand how crucial it is to store them appropriately. This can be done in many ways. The best solution for you will be determined partly by the number of lights you need to store and your personal preferences.

If you don’t have a lot of string lights, you can keep them from getting tangled by wrapping them around a clean coffee can. Cut a hole in the plastic lid of the can and push the plugin. The rest of the string is then wrapped around the outside. You can do the same thing with box tops or small pieces of cardboard.

How to select the best Christmas decoration products for outdoors
How to select the best Christmas decoration products for outdoors

Is DIY not your thing? Buy a plastic wheel for light storage that you can buy at a store. This is a cheap solution that will work for many years.

You should buy some small traffic cones if you have a lot of outdoor string lights or ones with big bulbs. Attach the end of one string of lights to the bottom of a traffic cone, then make an “8” shape with the other strings of lights. Plug the end of the next strand of lights into the one you just wrapped, and keep going until there’s no more room or you’ve used up all your lights.

Metallic Bow Decoration

How to select the best Christmas decoration products for outdoors
How to select the best Christmas decoration products for outdoors

Aluminum flashing, which comes in rolls 6 inches wide, is a good choice for outdoor decorations because it can withstand the weather. Set up loops of it and screw them to a wooden base to make a shiny bow that looks eerily like the ones you can buy by the bag. This one is 2 feet wide, so it would have to go on a big gift or, more likely, your front door.

  • Use scissors to cut the flashing into five 32-inch pieces and 28-inch pieces. Roll each piece so that the edge of the short horizontal side lines up with the edge of the long vertical side at the other end. Put two corners next to each other and cut off the extra at an angle where the ends meet. Roll up the flashing into a cone shape and tape the seam.
  • Place the larger loops evenly apart on a wooden disk with the inner points facing the middle of the disk. Drill a hole in the middle of each circle first, then put a 3/4-inch screw in each hole.
  • Put smaller loops in the middle of the circle. Every loop’s inner point should have a pilot hole drilled into it, followed by a 3/4-inch screw. Cut a piece of flashing that is 22 inches long with scissors.
  • Roll the paper into a loop and tape it down. Place that loop in the center of a wooden cube, then drill a 1/2-inch hole through the disk’s back and into the cube.

Artificial Trees

How to select the best Christmas decoration products for outdoors
How to select the best Christmas decoration products for outdoors

Putting away artificial trees is challenging, whether you use them inside, outside, or both. Because understanding how to store outdoor Christmas decorations is about creating the most available space, the trick is making your fake trees as tiny as possible.

While you could disassemble each tree and reassemble it in its box, this would require some work. Furthermore, after being opened and stretched out, fake trees seldom fit back into their original boxes.

Instead, leave your trees with the lights on and wrap them in shrink wrap. Then you can put them up against the wall a few inches away, where they will only take up a little room. You can cut the shrink wrap off next year, fluff up the branches, and plug them in.

If this solution doesn’t feel right, you can look for a heavy-duty storage bag at a store. To use this method, you’ll have to take your tree apart, but you can be sure that it will keep your tree safe until you’re ready to put it back together again.

You could also put your fake trees inside concrete tubes. This is a strong and long-lasting solution, and you can roll them easily in and out of your garage.

Wreaths for outside

When storing your outside wreaths, remove any heavy decorations and place them in a separate box to avoid damage while in storage. Just take a picture of it before you take it apart so you’ll know how to put it back together next year.

How to select the best Christmas decoration products for outdoors

If you plan to put your wreaths on a shelf, buy a crush-proof case from a store. This is an effortless and inexpensive way to keep it from getting broken. You may also safeguard your wreaths by hanging them on hooks and placing them inside a garment bag.

Ornaments & Bulbs

How to select the best Christmas decoration products for outdoors

Even though outdoor ornaments and bulbs tend to last longer than their indoor counterparts, you should still store them carefully. The best way to store smaller bulbs is in an egg carton. Additionally, begin saving the cardboard drink holders from drive-thrus. These are great for keeping bigger decorations safe. Use them to divide your decorations and place them inside a strong plastic container. So, they will only bump into each other if you move them into and out of storage.

Maximizing Your Storage Space

So far, we’ve talked about how to keep your holiday decorations safe while you store them. Even if you use all you’ve learned about how to store outside Christmas decorations, you can still run out of room. These tips help you think outside the box and make the most of your space.

  • Raise Your Items Up

If you already have a lot of outdoor Christmas decorations, fake trees, and other things to store, you may quickly run out of room on the floor and shelves. You can make even more room in your garage by installing heavy-duty ceiling racks. This is a great spot to put your fake trees and other big things you want out of the way.

  • Install Some Coat Racks

If you put a coat rack along your garage or storage shed wall, you’ll have even more ways to keep things organized. You can hang things on the rack, like wreaths, without taking up more space in your closets.

You can also put your wreath decorations in boxes with labels and put them on the side or bottom shelves of your coat rack. This will assist you in getting the most out of your storage space and keep things off the ground, so they don’t get damaged by water.

  • Explore Outdoor Storage Solutions

Many people find that having a specific place to store their Christmas decorations helps them feel less stressed. If you still need a garage and enough room on your property, now might be a good time to build one. A good steel garage doesn’t have to cost a fortune. A small 12-by-10-foot garage can be built for less than $3,000.

A steel storage shed is another option that costs little and only takes up a little space. They come in different sizes so you can choose the right one for your holiday decorations. Even a tiny portable shed can be bought for less than $100. Selecting one of these options will help you keep everything in order and ensure nothing gets broken while you wait to use it again.

How to select the best Christmas decoration products for outdoors: Best Christmas Tree Decorations

December is the month of Christmas. This implies that there are few days left to decorate your Christmas tree. With so much to choose from and just a few days before the festival. Choosing what and how to decorate one’s home becomes an uphill task. Also, integrating technology with shopping has provided us with several possibilities to pick from while sitting in the comfort of our homes.

Nearly Natural Holiday Shatterproof: Christmas tree ornament

How to select the best Christmas decoration products for outdoors
How to select the best Christmas decoration products for outdoors

Nearly Natural Holiday Shatterproof gives you a set of ornaments from all over the world for your Christmas tree. The set comes in many different color combinations. The set comes with a tree topper, Christmas balls, snowflakes, pine cones, finial drops, tiny gift boxes, a poinsettia, and beaded garlands. Plastic that can’t break is used, which is safe for kids. The ornaments can be put on trees that are between 4 and 7 feet tall. The set has 129 decorations that are all of the different sizes.

Sea Team shatterproof Christmas balls

There are many clear plastic balls in the set. The balls are filled and look great on a Christmas tree. The balls come in many colors, from electric blue to sparkling gold. The product cannot break and is easy to clean.

Kurt Adler icicle ornaments

How to select the best Christmas decoration products for outdoors

A set of 12 icicles made of clear glass. Icicles come in two sizes, measuring 5-1/4-Inch. They are made of clear glass. On a bright green Christmas tree, the icicles look very pretty. 

Sea Team Glitter ornaments

Imagine that your Christmas tree is covered with beautiful snowflakes. Sounds fun. This is what you get from the Sea Team. It is a set of 30 ornaments in the shape of snowflakes, with many different colors, like bright red and shiny silver. Each flake is 60mm/2.36 in size.

Twinkle Star Fairy String lights

You can wrap these lights around the tree. There are 1000 LED lights in the set. The product is certified to be waterproof to 66 ft standards and to save energy. The lights can be stretched out to 10 chains of lights, and you can choose between warm white and clear white for the color.

Craft More Berry Picks

This collection of twelve red berry picks may make the tree appear more lovely than before. Each pick is 9 Feet long. The picks have stems that can be bent and used on the outside of the Christmas tree by putting them in a thin, long flower pot.

Kurt S. Adler Kurt Adler

It’s a bow that looks like the top of a tree. This piece, which comes in 6 different colors, looks great on a Christmas tree. They are made of polyester yarn and PET film. It looks very high-end because the surface sparkles. They come with tails made of ribbon that can be tied on or wrapped around the top. They can be used for something other than Christmas, like parties.

How to select the best Christmas decoration products for outdoors: Some essential tips

  • LED lights are best. They consume roughly 90% less energy and burn at a lower temperature than incandescent lights, making them a safer and more efficient solution.
  • Pick a Theme. Whether you like a traditional look or something more colorful and modern, keep your theme the same to make your room look friendly and put together.
  • Be Unique. In your design, be yourself. Find something that fits your style and make that the main thing you show off.
  • Use a stopwatch. Timers are an excellent investment because they save time and energy. Set your timer to go off between 11 pm and midnight, about 30 minutes before sunset. Timers also give you peace of mind because your lights will be on whether you are home.
  • Cool White versus Warm White. Two kinds of white LED lights are warm white and cool white. Pick the one you like best. Both look great for the holidays.
  • Only do a little. You can make a display that stops cars without turning into the Griswolds by adding things like character figures or lighting that moves.
  • Use Daytime Décor. Since lights aren’t very noticeable during the day, add garland, wreaths, and bows to make it look like Christmas at night and during the day.
  • Only use old things. Before putting up your lights, you should ensure they all work well by testing them. Replace any bulbs or light strings that look bad or are worn out.
  • Show off your home’s best parts. Outline your home’s roof or windows with lights, hang a lit garland over an arch, or light the way to your door.
  • Remember the yard. Decorate a small backyard area to draw people’s attention to the holidays from their windows. Light up a tree or put a wreath with lights on a hardscape.
  • You don’t have to finish everything at once. Begin with a display that suits your budget and skills and gradually expand it. This makes sure that your decorations always look fresh.

Final Words

This guide explains How to select the best Christmas decoration products for outdoors. We will make every step to ensure that you understand this tutorial. We hope you like this article. Please stay in touch if you need help with anything.


Where to Hang Christmas Lights Outside?

Hang your lights in the evening to observe the impact they produce as you thread them. For your evergreen trees, use larger bulbs, such as C7 and C9, and place them approximately 12 inches apart. Industry specialists recommend employing roughly 100 lights per vertical foot as a basic rule of thumb.

Nets are the simplest and fastest method to give immediate sparkle to your bushes when it comes to adorning them. Wrap tiny or rope lights around the bark, which is generally rough enough to keep the strings from falling off. If the lights begin to sag, use strategically placed pushpins to secure them. Use nails or screws that will not harm the tree.

How do I decorate my porch for Christmas?

Whether you want to decorate your porch, front yard, or the outside of your house, there are many ways to do so. Traditionally, people decorate their holiday porches with wreaths, doormats, statues, and stringed lights. Scott likes the first two choices and adds garland to make the outside of the house look more natural. He says, “You can go with the traditional evergreens or choose something more trendy, like brass bells or a wood-beaded garland… or why not mix all three?” Finally, it comes down to personal choice, so experiment with your décor and not be scared to alter your mind.

How do I put outside decorations on my house?

It can take time to decide how to decorate the outside of your house, especially if you live in a place with extreme weather like heavy snowfall. Scott is a big fan of tools that help him get the job done, like Command Heavyweight Utility Hooks. “They stick to pretty much any surface and can hold different weights, like a wreath on the door or a garland over the porch,” he says.

And for decorations like Christmas lights, he uses smaller staples in his staple gun. This way gives you the security you’d expect from a traditional office go-to, but it doesn’t damage the look of your home.

When is the ideal time to put up Christmas decorations?

Traditionally, after Thanksgiving is the best time to put up your Christmas decorations. There are no other holidays between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so that you can get into the North Pole spirit!

But there are no complex and fast rules about when to start decorating holiday decorations. If you can’t wait until after Thanksgiving to put up your best Christmas decorations because you’re so excited about the holiday, don’t! Now is the time to get out the tree and string lights and start decorating.

How do you make my house look like a winter wonderland?

Winter wonderland is a design theme used for many years during the holiday season. The idea makes me think of snow, forest trees, and animals like deer and owls living in the woods. When decorating the outside of your home in this style, pay attention to color palettes and keeping things simple. A Winter Wonderland scene can be made quickly using frosted items, icy white colors, snowflakes, or something that look like the outside.

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