how to do mountain climbers

Looking for a no weight exercise to boost your endurance, burn calories, and strengthen your muscles? Well, then read How to Do Mountain Climbers are your best choice!

Whether you are an athlete, fitness freak, or a transformation type, mountain climbers is the best suited exercise for you.

Derived form the original form of mountain climbing, mountain climbers allow you to climb a mountain without a mountain. Ha-ha!

No need for buying a jogging machine, or changing your clothes to go out for a run! Only a space that withholds your body.

How to do mountain climbers?

  1. Start from a plank position, put your hands shoulder-width apart and touch the tip of your toes to the ground.
  2. Fold your right knee and bring it towards your chest. Then put your right knee back to its original position.
  3. Simultaneously, fold your left knee and bring it towards your chest. And then put your left knee back to its original form.
  4. Repeat this process until you form a rhythm and feel as if you are climbing a mountain.


Your hips should be in line with the rest of your body.

Don’t forget to inhale and exhale alternately.

Substitutes for mountain climbers

If you are an anti-mountain climber for whatever reason, here are some alternatives that imitate mountain climbers partially.

  • High Knees: This exercise is the same as mountain climbers but doesn’t start from a plank position. Starting from a standing position with feet shoulder-width apart, pull knees towards the chest alternately until a rhythm is formed.
  • Plank Jack: It inculcates plank form, but eliminates the knee drive. Good for core and quad-strengthening. Perform a plank, and then move your legs like scissors.

Effects of mountain climbers

  • The rhythmic movement of mountain climbers keeps your heart rate up, boosts up cardio and burns calories at a fast rate.
  • Pulling your knees helps stretch the quads and hip flexors. The plank position strengthens your core and builds up endurance.
  • This exercise also targets shoulder, arms, chest, and back. So, it’s a full-fledged package of cardio, muscle strengthening, and endurance building.
  • Mountain climbers may sound like a less effective workout, but actually is full body workout with better core engagement. Variations of mountain climbers can either make it a low impact exercise or increase its difficulty.

What to keep in note while performing mountain climbers?

  • We often forget to touch our toes to the ground when we are in a rhythm. Touching the toes to the ground is important because it prevent pelvis injuries.
  • Similarly, bouncing your toes might feel like more strenuous workout, but actually deteriorates your form.

What to do if you get bored with it?

Are you tired of doing the same movements every day? Or are you finding difficulty in performing it for the first time?

Variations of mountain climbers can either make it a low impact exercise or increase its difficulty.

  • Elevate your upper body using a step or a block, and then perform mountain climbers to decrease its difficulty.
  • Use a sliding towel or a cloth beneath your toes to increase its difficulty and effect.

Now don’t worry about the time or the place! Climb a mountain without a mountain!

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