A good pair of snow goggles lenses is one of the best things you can buy for your winter adventure gear. They cover your eyes from the weather, and you wear them for a LONG time, so you want to ensure they’re comfortable. Once you’ve bought a good pair of ski goggles, you’ll want to keep them in good condition. If you take proper maintenance of your snow goggles, they will last for more than one season. You can have great goggles for a long time with quality and care. This article will teach you how to clean ski goggle lenses properly to keep them in the best condition possible.

how to clean ski goggle lenses

Cleaning Ski or Snowboard Goggles

Cleaning ski and snowboard goggles require washing all three primary components: the lenses, the foam, and the strap.

  • How To Clean Ski Goggle Lenses Step 1: Lens Cleaning 
  • How To Clean Ski Goggle Lenses Step 2: Cleaning The Straps
  • How To Clean Ski Goggle Lenses Step 3: Cleaning The Foam

How To Clean Ski Goggle Lenses Step 1: Lens Cleaning 

First, take the time to check the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations and adhere to them if they vary from what is mentioned here. Now, to clean your goggles’ lenses, let them dry naturally at the end of the day. This will get most lens particles and reduce your time with them. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the outside of the lens to clean it gently. 

You shouldn’t rush out and get a unique material right after ordering your lens since most goggles come with microfiber cloth packs that are excellent for this purpose. Still, bags can get dirty over time, so it’s usually a good idea to buy a few extra microfiber clothes.

Instead of wiping the surface, you should dab at it. This will help keep small particles from leaving long scratches on the surface of your lens.

The same steps are used to clean the inside of the lens. 

But there are a few things to remember. Most companies put an anti-fog coating on the inside of the lens.

Just like cleaning the outside, it’s best to let the goggles dry as much as possible before using your microfiber towel to gently dab at problem areas.

It’s essential to ensure the inside of the goggles is dry before you clean them because dabbing at them while they’re wet could remove the anti-fog coating.

If you don’t have to, don’t clean the inside of your ski or snowboard goggles. If you don’t see any smudges or dirt on your skis, you don’t need to clean them after every trip to the slopes.

Simply put, try not to clean the inside as much as possible. Even light dabbing will eventually remove the anti-fog coating, so do it as little as possible.

How To Clean Ski Goggle Lenses Step 2: Cleaning The Straps

Some straps are simpler to clean than others, and the selection of materials is crucial in this regard.

After taking the straps off the goggles, you can usually wash cloth straps in buckets with fabric soap. Rubber or elastic straps may need different cleaners.

Most straps don’t get too dirty, so wiping them down occasionally is usually enough.

How To Clean Ski Goggle Lenses Step 3: Cleaning The Foam

Cleaning the foam is similar to cleaning the lens. Remove any visible smudges or residue with a microfiber cloth and delicate strokes.

It’s OK to gently massage places, but avoid exerting too much pressure. Because foam breaks far more quickly than robust plastic components, apply the lightest strokes possible.

How to manage fog

Regardless of the type or price of the goggles you purchase, fogging may occur if you do not take the essential measures. So how to clean ski goggle lenses?

We cannot emphasize this enough: you should never clean the inside of your goggles while the lens is moist. This is detrimental to the anti-fog coating. This is essential.

Condensation is what causes fogging. Ensure that your exhaled air is not caught between your neck warmer and your goggles while skiing. Choose a cold-weather accessory with air holes to keep warm.

Maintain your goggles on your face when riding the chairlift. In this manner, the temperature and quality of the air in the goggles will stay consistent.

If it is snowing, you should keep the top of your goggles clean. This will guarantee that the vents are transparent, allowing the warm, damp air to escape more effectively.

If your goggles have already fogged up and you have the same issue on your first-day run, you should dry them. After a day of skiing, particularly on a snowy or wet day, do not immediately place your goggles in their pouch. Allow them to dry overnight so that any moisture may escape.

Can I Clean My Ski Goggles With Glass Cleaner?

You can use glasses cleaning sometimes, but not all of the time. Here’s how to do it correctly.

To begin, always wipe the lens with a microfiber cloth. Don’t use cleaning chemicals if you’ve tried cleaning them frequently, and it hasn’t worked.

If you must use glasses cleaning, invest in a product specifically for ski goggles. You can still tell which ones are which since they have such labels!

If unsure what will work, consult an expert at your local shop or write to the manufacturer for advice.

What Not To Do While Clean Ski Goggle Lenses

When learning how to clean ski and snowboard goggles, there are a few things to avoid.

First, try to stay away from liquids as much as possible!

Avoid anything that is even somewhat rough. Only microfiber towels are suited for cleaning most ski and snowboard goggles.

Avoid chemical cleaners unless they are made exclusively for ski goggles. Most conventional cleaners will harm goggles instead of cleaning them.

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