FLYBIRD Adjustable Weight Bench For Workout

FLYBIRD adjustable weight bench popularly has increased significantly over the last couple of years. This is mainly attributed to their durability, compact design, versatility, and portability. If you have been searching for the best adjustable beach on the market, you probably have come across FLYBIRD adjustable bench. Although this bench is relatively new on the market, its popularity has grown fast, and it is now one of the best-selling adjustable benches on the market. But what exactly is FLYBIRD adjustable weight bench, and what features make it stand out?

FLYBIRD Workout Adjustable Weight Bench
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It doesn’t have to be that way, and our FLYBIRD Adjustable Weight Bench review shows you that you don’t need to break the bank to get a high-quality piece of equipment to unlock your home gym setup’s full potential. This is one of those cases where you’re actually getting a little more than what you paid for, and we think many home gym owners will get a lot of value out of this bench. 

FLYBIRD Workout Adjustable Weight Bench
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FLYBIRD was launched in 2016 to provide home gym owners with high-quality, yet affordable strength training equipment. As of this writing, the company offers three main products: Weight benches, adjustable dumbbells, and doorway pullup systems. 

The FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench modelFB149, that we’re taking a look at today, is a budget-friendly bench that can fold for easy storage, and comes with a foot pad. It has a good number of adjustment positions (seven for the backrest, three for the seat, and four for the footrest) and utilizes an easy-to-use lock pin adjustment system. 

FLYBIRD Workout Adjustable Weight Bench
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FLYBIRD Workout Adjustable Weight Bench Features:

  • FLYBIRD adjustable bench backrest and pad are fitted with foam and covered with leather for comfort while performing your workouts. The full foam foot support allows the leg to be fully cushioned while performing your exercises.
  • It is made of heavy-duty commercial quality steel that can support the weight of up to 500lbs
  • It is designed with six back positions and four-seat positions, a feature that allows one to perform full-body workouts in different positions.
  • The foot cover that is features is safe, non-slip, and does not hurt the floor.
FLYBIRD Workout Adjustable Weight Bench
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  • Space-saving design folds easily
  • Heavy-duty commercial quality steel construction offers extended durability
  • Made of high quality leather that offers soft and comfortable backrest


  • Average bench material


Q: When the bench folds flat, is there a small gap where it folds or is it smooth?

A: When it’s flat, it has a 2 inch space.

Q: Is it possible to change the angles of this workout bench?

A: It is very easy to adjust the angle of the weight bench by lifting the support frame at the back of the cushion.

Q: Is it possible for the bench to be in a totally flat position off the floor?

A: The height is about 8 when it is completely collapsed down.

Q: Can you use this bench for step ups while holding weights?

A: The Pad is firm enough for stepping ups while holding weights.

Q: How large is the bench pad at the shoulder level?

A: The bench is very compact and can be put in the car.

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