BOG DeathGrip Aluminum Tripod Durable & Lightweight

The Bog-Pod has to offer, you should have no issues finding your desired height that is comfortable for any age or size hunter. With the BOG DeathGrip Aluminum Tripod able to collapse down to 31 inches, you will have no problem securing it to any pack for transport. The DeathGrip allows you to move your rifle in any direction using a ball head. Once you are on target, you can tighten down the ball head for a very steady shot.

The foam grips hold your rifle very secure even in a rainy environment. Bog-Pod also throws in retractable spike feet for when you need that extra little bit of grip. All you do is turn the rubber feet and the retractable spikes pop out. It is a nice option to have depending on the weather or terrain. This allows for better control no matter what surface you are shooting from.

BOG DeathGrip Aluminum Tripod
BOG DeathGrip Aluminum Tripod Durable & Lightweight

The BOG POD Death Grip Aluminum Tripod is engineered to be the most stable precision tripod on the market. Its aluminum legs have unmatched durability for hunt after hunt. The patented clamp secures any weapon, hands free, freeing the BOG hunter to glass or call on the hunt with ease. Tilt adjustment lever controls up to 25 degrees of cant forwards and back and the head pans 360 degrees with tension adjustment, no slip lever locks provide faster locking and release.

Non-marring rubber jaw insert protects the firearm and the quick adjust clamping lever secures the firearm in seconds with smooth rotation. Retractable steel feet secure legs into virtually any terrain, then store safely for transport. Three position leg angle lock allows for secure shooting in standing, kneeling and prone positions while the integral bubble level ensures a level positioning

BOG DeathGrip Aluminum Tripod
BOG DeathGrip Aluminum Tripod Durable & Lightweight


Tilt adjustment lever controls up to 25 degrees of cant forwards and back.

No-slip lever locks provide faster locking and release 

High-density foam grips  

Twist-style leg locks  

Supported Shooting Height(s): 7 to 59 inches fully extended  

Length (Fully Compact): 31 inches 

3-position leg angle lock allows for secure shooting in standing.

BOG DeathGrip Aluminum Tripod
BOG DeathGrip Aluminum Tripod Durable & Lightweight


Telescopic legs

Rubber feet

Foam grip

Built-in level

Leg angle individually adjustable


The published Height is Misleading         

 Question & Answere:

Question: Is the carbon fiber version worth the extra $100?
Answer: I do not own either yet, but I ask the same question and realized the $100 saves you only 1lbs weight wise.

Question: What material is the clamp made out of?
Answer: The clamp is made out of magnesium, read the description for confirmation of this. I have the Carbon Fiber version and absolutely love how strong and solid it is

Question: Does it come with the rifle clamp
Answer: Yes, it ONLY comes with a clamping system. The clamping system is non detachable so you cannot replace it with an Arca Swiss ball head or something similar.

Question: Is this strong enough for 17lb rifle?
Answer: It is DEFINITELY strong enough. It’s got to be the best well build one on the market for the price. I’ extremely happy with it.

Question: Is there a weight limit/rating on this product? Will it support a 40lb 50bmg rifle?
Answer: Yes, I shoot my Barrett M99 50BMG with it and zero issues. Not practical but it will work.

Question: Why is this product prohibited? I tried ordering one to Finland and now my delivery status says undeliverable because the product is prohibited.
Answer: I am not sure unless your country has certain provisions for not allowing civilians from owning this type of shooting accessories because there Military usages also.

Question: Has anyone had any success using this with air rifles ?
Answer: Yes. I have been using it with both a Diana mod. 125 and an FX Impact.

Question: What are the dimensions in the carrying position need this for carry bag size?
Answer: It’s 30 in fully collapsed from the top of the clamp to the bottom of the rubber on the leg and it’s a 6 1/2 inches wide at the clamp which is the widest point.

Question: Aluminum comes with the clamp?
Answer: The BOG Deathgrip Tripod comes in two models, one with an aluminum tripod base.

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