BIJIA Hunting Laser Rangefinder-6X 650/1200Yards

The BIJIA Hunting Laser Rangefinder is multifunction laser rangefinder for hunting The first compliment is on the optics, very clear! Better than expected! Second is ease of use. Read the instructions once, try it, and you’re done. Now, let’s talk about my concerns. First is the plastic housing of the unit. It’s not as durable as I hoped. I feel like it would crack by dropping it. The eyepiece unit is great though; and I can’t really say how durable the unit is; it’s just My guess.

BIJIA Hunting Laser Rangefinder
BIJIA Hunting Laser Rangefinder-6X 650/1200Yards

Now the next part is two fold, so you make of it what you will: I’m putting accuracy and consistency onto the same category. I really have no way of checking for accuracy other than assuming the other measurements were correct to begin with. I took it to a football field an measured goalpost to goalpost. They were at the end of the endzones on both ends. I should be reading 120 yards. It read 117.4 yards.

BIJIA Hunting Rangefinder-6X 650/1200Yards Multifunction Laser Rangefinder for HuntingThat’s pretty good in my opinion and there’s a lot of factors on my end that could give my a wrong reading BUT it was very consistent! I tried multiple days and got exactly the same 117.4. In my opinion, consistency is more important than accuracy because when you sight a scope or hit golf balls on the range, it will perform the same out in the field or on the course.

BIJIA Hunting Laser Rangefinder
BIJIA Hunting Laser Rangefinder-6X 650/1200Yards

BIJIA Hunting Laser Rangefinder Features:

  • Multi Function Hunting Rangefinder
  • High Accuracy Rangefinder
  • Durable Body and Ultra Clear LCD Display
  • Compact and Easy to Use
  •  2 years Quality Warranty and friendly Customer Service.
  • Camping with Slope Correction.
  • Camping with Slope Correction.
  • Flag-Locking with Vibration.
BIJIA Hunting Laser Rangefinder
BIJIA Hunting Laser Rangefinder-6X 650/1200Yards


  • Features advanced pinseeker technology that accurately ranges from 5 to 1200 yards
  • Built-in ultra-clear LCD display helps to get clear images and readings even in low light conditions
  • Helps in hunting, archery, shooting, golfing and more


  • Button clicks may be too loud.


Q:Has anyone used it during the rain, how did it work?

A: If there is an obstacle on the laser line between the rangefinder and the target, the measure will not be accurate.

Q: Is it good for up to 60?

A: The distances were so far off that I sent my back.

Q: What size battery does it have?

A: It comes with a battery in the package and is powered by CR2 battery.

Q: Does it have a battery or not?

A: The first 10 rangefinders did not come with batteries because of the transportation problem.

Q: Can this be used for long range shooting and does it have an Arc?

A: The item can measure the distance up to 1200 yards under the normal air conditions, and it also has a slop correction function.

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