Best Military Tactical Backpack
best military tactical backpack

In the past few years, wearing military and tactical backpacks has become very popular. Both civilians and soldiers like these accessories because they can be used in many ways and are easy to carry. But the quality and style of military backpacks vary a lot. How do you know you’re spending money on the best military tactical backpack? Top Gear Lab will help you make an intelligent decision about what to buy.

Benefits of Tactical Backpack

  • Storage: Most military backpacks have a lot of storage space in a small area. Their modular designs and many pockets make it easy to organize your stuff and make the most of your space.
  • Rugged exterior: It’s possible that having a robust, durable backpack that won’t break apart if you put it in a truck’s bed or get a bit wet on a camping trip is vital. A military backpack is a bag that can get a bit soiled while still doing its duty.
  • Flexibility: A military tactical backpack can be used for many different things, not just going outside. They can hold a lot of computer equipment or camera equipment. Cops like them because they look like they were made for the job and because they can organize their essential papers and gear.

Types of Best Military Tactical Backpack

Large Capacity Military Tactical Backpack

Best Military Tactical Backpack
Large Capacity Military Tactical Backpack

These Military Tactical Backpacks are designed to be packed to the brim and have a multitude of compartments and zippers. They are designed with additional cushioning where you may experience the most fatigue. Numerous large capacity military bags include internal frames that assist in distributing the weight in the most ergonomic way possible, so they won’t be as taxing on lengthy excursions as a standard bag would be. They are also popular options for emergency bags.

Medium Capacity

Best Military Tactical Backpack
Best Military Tactical Backpack

These are the kinds of bags that most people will buy. They work great as a gym bag, an overnight bag, or a replacement for a briefcase. They still have a large capacity so that you can carry a lot of gear, but they are lighter and less noticeable than a giant military backpack.

Small Capacity

Best Military Tactical Backpack
Best Military Tactical Backpack

These packs exemplify the military maxim “maximum speed, low drag.” They are smaller and less conspicuous than more significant and apparent bags, yet they are ideal for a challenging trek or bike trip. This tactical backpack will separate your meals from extra clothing and first aid gear on these treks. Not often cushioned, these lightweight backpacks are ideal for bike commuters and hikers.

Best Military Tactical Backpack Pricing

  • $50 and under: This is a good price range for an everyday backpack. Even though the zippers and nylon might not be the best, they will be good enough for light use.
  • $50 to $100: This is where you can start to find suitable backpacks that can take some rough treatment. The zippers will be bigger and stronger, the nylon will be more robust, and most of the packs will be ready for a water bladder.
  • $100 and up: This range includes brands with better names, high-quality materials like Cordura, and features like internal frames. Many will have water bladders and places to put laptops.

Key Features Of The Best Military Tactical Backpack

Special Compartments

You might want to buy a tactical pack with a place for your laptop, side pockets for a water bottle, or a hidden pocket for everyday items that only you know about. Many military and tactical backpacks can meet these needs, so look around to find one that works for you.


In contrast to regular backpacks, which are generally sewn together, many straps and attachments on the military backpack are detachable and interchangeable. Assume you adore a bag’s capacity and compartments but despise its straps. Purchase new straps that fit you better and replace the ones you dislike. It’s that simple to personalize these backpacks.

Webbing for MOLLE

MOLLE is a well-known acronym in the military. It stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, a popular system among tactical backpack manufacturers. Civilians may use the system to expand the capacity and functionality of their backpack by adding tactical pouches and components, as well as first aid kits and radios. Connect a phone pouch, a torch holder, or weave a mobile phone charger through the webbing.

Other Considerations

  • Visibility: You can stand out in a crowd with a military or tactical pack. If you don’t mind, this is fine, but if you’re going for the “Gray Man” look, you might want to try something else. MOLLE webbing and morale patches show that you have a tactical mind, so be aware that you might get more attention.
  • Security: It’s hard to lock military backpacks or tactical backpack compartments. Most luggage locks won’t work because the pull tabs are usually nylon loops that can be cut with a knife. Most MOLLE-compatible modular pouches don’t have any security features either. It would be best if you saved this in mind to keep an eye on your things and plan accordingly.

Here Are Some Best Military Tactical Backpacks

RUSH24 Military Backpack

Best Military Tactical Backpack
Best Military Tactical Backpack

This military tactical backpack is very similar to the Rush12 and Rush72. It has a capacity of just over 37L, which is an excellent middle ground. The Rush24 is perfect for when the Rush72 is too big, and the Rush12 isn’t enough.

These Rush bags raise the standard for other tactical backpacks since they are built by true outdoorsmen who want to give unsurpassed quality and performance for proper tactical activities. These aren’t produced by someone unaware of the abuse and daily wear. These Military Backpacks will endure, and the exquisite attention to detail is something you don’t often see anymore.

Key Features:

  • A lightweight but heavy-duty 37L tactical bag made of 1050D nylon to make it very durable and resistant to water.
  • There is a fleece-lined place for your glasses and mesh panels to help you find a place for everything you bring.
  • Wrap-around webbing attachments for MOLLE and 5.11 Slick Stick

Direct Action Dragon Egg MKII

Best Military Tactical Backpack
Best Military Tactical Backpack

You get a 2-day pack that is very flexible and made for tactical operations. The Combat Ventilation System, which has a patent, is another thing that stands out.

These are made of laminated 500D Cordura, which makes them among the lightest on this page. They are not the most powerful or durable, but they are great for moving quickly. Most of the time, these military backpacks are hard to beat in terms of how well they work, how comfortable they are, and how long they last.

Key Features:

  • It is made of laminated, water-resistant 500D Cordura that has been treated with near-infrared to avoid NV detection.
  • It can hold a hydration reservoir and has a high-tensile-strength, double-wrapped paracord drag handle. It also has a lot of laser-cut MOLLE/PALS attachment points and loops.
  • High-density padding on the hips can remove padded sleeves for laptops and communications gear.
  • Made with parts made in the United States

Direct Action Ghost

Best Military Tactical Backpack
Best Military Tactical Backpack

The Direction Action Ghost is one of the best military tactical backpacks. While it has some similarities with the Dragon Egg discussed above, there are some significant distinctions. The most notable difference is that the Ghost is a bigger pack with a removable front pocket.

The drag handle of the Dragon Egg is wrapped with a paracord, whereas the Dragon Egg’s drag handle has a more conventional design. Both packs include laser-cut molle on the front. However, only the Ghost has loops on the sides of the front pocket. It does, however, include laser-cut molle along the whole length of the sides. This may be the best military tactical backpack for you if you want something that can do many different things.

Key Features:

  • Sunglass pockets lined with fleece are at the top of the front packs.
  • Cordura 500D is the only material used.
  • Side pockets that stretch out with elastic
  • Zippers of good quality

Direct Action Dust Tactical Backpack

Best Military Tactical Backpack
Best Military Tactical Backpack

The second Direct Action pack we’ll discuss today is their small bundle. With a size of 20L, this pack is still large enough to handle most people’s EDC needs, and while I’ve never personally owned the Dust, many people carry laptops in it without trouble. The Dust comprises the same Cordura 500D ballistic nylon as the other Direct Action packs discussed above. The same laser-cut molle system is also included on the front of the package. The shoulder straps are cushioned, and there is an adjustable sternum strap with some flexibility, which appears to be excellent. This pack seems to be great, and there are several color options.

Key Features:

  • Molle system with laser cutting
  • Zippers of superior quality
  • Velcro keepers on compression straps
  • The waist strap adjusts and tucks inside the pack when not in use.

SOG Ninja Tactical Day Pack (Best Military Tactical Backpack Under $50)

Best Military Tactical Backpack
best military tactical backpack

These bags are nearly entirely made of polyester, which allows them to be incredibly lightweight and relatively water-resistant while being reasonably sturdy. The zippers are much more delicate than expected from a cheap bag and have a great shroud to keep water out. Except for the little upper accessory pouch, each pocket features twin zippers that may be locked.

These are terrific options with various color schemes if you need a solid bug-out bag or a tactical backpack.

Key Features:

  • It works with water bladders and has yoke-style shoulder straps and an adjustable slider for the sternum.
  • There is a place to attach a Velcro patch and MOLLE loop strips.
  • Grommet drainage holes to ensure water doesn’t pool inside.

Maxpedition Tactical Backpack

Best Military Tactical Backpack
Best Military Tactical Backpack

There are so many outstanding tactical backpacks on this list, and this one is no exception, but rather than flogging a dead horse, let’s focus on this bag’s noteworthy qualities. The straps disperse the pack’s weight, removing the most common pain areas. The straps are additionally cushioned, making this a delightful bag to carry.

Maxpedition calls the attachment system on the front of the pack the Attachment Atlas System. It works with molle and is laser cut. This system is on the front and sides of the backpack, so you can use it to secure extra pouches or gear. There are straps on the bottom of the pack where you can put a sleeping pad.

Key Features:

  • It can tuck the waist strap of the backpack into the bag.
  • Zippers that work well are easy to grab and have locks.
  • Zipper compartments in the shape of a clamshell
  • Water-resistant

All Hazards Prime

Best Military Tactical Backpack
Best Military Tactical Backpack

This military tactical backpack is more robust and heavier 1050D nylon than the 5.11 Rush72. This makes it more immune to damage, and even though it’s only 29L, it’s still a lot lighter than the large Rush72. The Rush72 is made for trips that last three days, while the All Hazards Prime bag is more for single-day or two-day assault trips in harsh environments.

These backpacks are ideal for people who don’t want to give up mobility for storage. The operator can keep moving quickly without worrying about the bag’s stability and security. I will say, though, that because these bags are smaller and less bulky than the Rush72, they do not have a waist strap.

Key Features:

  • Purpose-built assault bag made of ultra-durable 1050D denier nylon
  • 180-degree front opening bag for quick access to your whole arsenal of goods
  • These backpacks are lightweight and portable, weighing only around 3.8 pounds.

Condor 3-Day Assault

Best Military Tactical Backpack
Best Military Tactical Backpack

The Condor Assault pack was made to be a 3-day trip system with a good balance of ease of use, comfort, durability, and price. These are some of the most affordable, high-performing, ultra-durable tactical bags on the market, so if you’re on a friendly budget but still want top-notch durability, Condor is a good brand to get to know.

Some things about this military backpack are just amazing, so it’s clear that real outdoors people made them. One of these great features is the quick-release gear tensioning system, which lets you pull gears quickly and get to them immediately. These bags also have room for two 3L water tanks for three days in the desert.

When complete, a 50L bag can be unstable and uncomfortable, but Condor has you covered with removable waist straps and sternum straps that do a great job of spreading the weight over your whole body and keeping things stable when the action starts.

Key Features:

  • There are seven pockets, and the main one opens 180 degrees.
  • Two 3-litre water packs and a lot of MOLLE attachment strips


To select the best military tactical backpack, you must decide the qualities that meet your requirements. If you are trapped in the rain, we advise you to choose tactical backpacks constructed from water-repellent fabrics that are sturdy and long-lasting. Ensure that all your everyday requirements, including pistols and survival supplies, will fit within the tactical backpack you are contemplating purchasing by evaluating the available space. Always seek a robust construction, a lightweight design, and ample space for your most-used goods when purchasing a tactical backpack. Please refer to our guide to the most acceptable bags for other bag alternatives.


Q: Is a military backpack superior to a regular hiking backpack?

A: Most of the time, military backpacks are more versatile, durable, and easy to pack than hiking backpacks. They have a lot of pockets and straps or clips that let you attach many things to the outside.

Q: What exactly is a MOLLE backpack?

A: This backpack has a webbing system that lets you attach many different things. The MOLLE system is used in most tactical backpacks in some way.

Q: What is a rucksack?

A: A rucksack is the same as a backpack in most ways. On the other hand, a rucksack might only have one large compartment, while a backpack might have more than one.

Q: What can we do with a tactical backpack?

A: Simply put, a tactical backpack is a unique bag made to last, can be changed and has many valuable features. Some tactical backpacks are designed for hunting, while field medics use others. The designs of tactical backpacks are based on those used by the military, but not all tactical backpacks are for the military.

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