Best 1520P 20MP Trail Hunting Camera

Trail Hunting camera (also called scouting camera or game camera) is an outdoor device designed to monitor wildlife in the woods, specifically in hunting areas. It comes equipped with sensors that can detect movements in an area, and automatically captures the activity through images or videos. It is also designed to be a remote one, meaning you can leave it outside for a long time and still get outputs. Specifically built for the outdoors, the trail camera is the perfect surveillance gear for your hunting activity.

Trail Hunting Camera

Most trail camera models are designed to blend with the forest environment, with colors playing along the shades of black, brown or green. Some even go a step further in camouflaging and adapt designs resembling leaves, barks, rocks, and other natural objects in the wild. Battery life also varies, depending on how intensively you want to use it. 

Trail Hunting Camera

Trail Hunting Camera Features:

Compact & Portable.

HD Video & Image Resolution.

2.0″ IPS LCD screen.

Fast Trigger Speed.        

Waterproof & Rugged Housing.

Easy Install & Widely Used.

IP66 Waterproof & Heavy-Duty.

Video Ultra High Resolution.

Trail Hunting Camera


 Equipped with 20MP 1520P resolution that captures crisp and clear images/videos.

 24 inches large LCD screen allows to see clear complete images and videos .

 Made of waterproof material that prevents water from seeping inside.


 Battery may not hold charge for long.

Question & Answers:

Q: When the card gets full, what do we do with the new videos?

A: You can transfer the memory card to the computer, and then insert the sd card into the camera to record again, if you have any questions about the product.

Q: How can I use it?

A: The easiest way to insert batteries and micro SD card is to slide switch to TEST, use arrow keys to select YES, and then ask if you want to format the card, which wHill erase all data.

Q: Does it use a class 10 card or a regular micro card?

A: The writing can support up to 32GB, I’m using 16GB.

Q: Regular batteries will work?

A: I have used rechargeable AA lithium cells without problems, even though it’s not recommended by the manufacturer.

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